These pens are nearly 15 years old. A detail blade shallow angle helps, Sharp blade, inspect the tip with a magnifing glass to see if the points broken. I am thankfull for any advise. They removed their web page early Temperature, hot vinyl moves on the backing sheet causing problems, if your workshop is warm try this old trick, place the vinyl in a fridge to cool down then cut it Check the step size used by the cutter, mutohs have variable step sizes if you are not using 0.

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I am still testing the longevity of the color fastness to UV exposure.

Also large diameter pen sizes must be used. A detail blade shallow angle helps, Sharp blade, inspect the tip with a magnifing glass to see if the points broken. If you are looking for a long shelf life forget this. Possibly putting RO90 in the reset muto under setup may work.

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Mutohs often run at 0. Mtoh must have these type A adaptors to use pens. Serial S REV This sets the menu to Standby.


SignTools 4 cuts from the bottom left of the page either manually place object s in the bottom left of the CorelDRAW page or use the “Vinyl Saver” tool with the sliding bar all the way to the left.

This is something you define on the machine itself, so please check that the software speed setting is not being overridden. These pens are nearly 15 years old.

If you are unsure if your cable is a RS C cable, contact your plotter distributor. Hi Alan, thanx for the quick response. That is very slow. Click on the word Document on the left hand side and ensure all of the options are ticked and click on the OK button. Home Help Search Login Register.

Further support If you have followed these instructions and are still having problems setting up your vinyl cutter go to our support page and fill in the Support Enquiry Form. The reason for this is I guess clear. The XP is a pen or pencil vector plotter.

Reply 7 – The Black Cat India may also have a long shelf life. Choose the F2 or F4 until you see Default 4. I just don’t get it anymore I am muroh for any advise.


Speed – slow, though on intricate designs the cutters rarely manage to accelerate anyway. The port on the back of the plotter is a 25 pin RS Hopefully kevin knows the cutter better and where the setting is.

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Next click on the “Cut” button and then the “Setup” button. I got the plotter running. Next the caps come off, the type A adaptors are screwed on, and the pens are inserted into the carousel.

Out of Limit Read times. Eight re-useable pen holders mutohh with ink and 0. My preferance is to remove the set speed command for my cutters so the speed I set on the control panel is the one the cutter goes at sorry signgo writers but this is one command to far Reply 4 – A dialog box will appear.