Yes, this is the one. Microsoft doesn’t give permission to maven to host their JDBC driver in the maven repo. I would like to load it through maven, so this was not actually answer to my question. There I get this error. Ashish 2, 2 13 But sometimes, it’s just easier and still appropriate to do a quick-and-dirty job. I am guessing the higher versions are for 1.

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Be careful with the answers above. For my use-case integration testing it was sufficient to use a system scope for the JDBC driver’s dependency as such:.

Um, getting eclipse to do this is probably more hassle than it is worth. It definitely is better, mostly.

Well, I updated my answer even before Touzery. Microsoft doesn’t give permission to maven to host their JDBC driver in the maven repo. Thanks and Regards, Sid.

Download Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server

Post as a guest Name. Your life will become much easier as mine did once I found this answer.


So, you will have to download the JDBC driver, and put it in your own repo. Error Compiling Maven Project. This answer is outdated compared to Touzery’s updated answer. Answer for the “new” and “cool” Microsoft. Could not resolve dependencies. Following is the snippet which I have added in pom.

First, add a scope tag to the dependency, you should require the JBDC driver only at runtime: But how do I put it in my own repo and use it? See my answer below for more details and a much better solution. What is the right maven dependency value?

That would be extremely helpful. I took inspiration from this answer to another Stack Overflow question and I’ve also blogged about it here. Please do help me in resolving this error. Email Required, but never shown.

There is also an alternative: Could qsl please let me know how do i use the install-file target of the install plugin using Eclipse? Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Dee Mar 28 ’14 at Therefore I downloaded the sqljdbc4.


I downloaded the JDBC driver. Download the driver JAR from the link provided by Olaf and add it to your local Maven repository with.

Maven Repository: ver » sqljdbc4 »

Failure to sdrver com. Please do let me know the procedure. I am guessing the higher versions are for 1. To properly install the JAR in your local repository, use the install-file target of the install plugin: Could not resolve dependencies for project: My solution worked for me. Jayesh A Lalwani wrote: