Ulisses Furquim ulissesf wrote on Rebooting the system or letting the keyboard go into sleep mode 10mins breaks the connection. Note new workaround from the psubuntu forums: And the solution was pretty simple. Anyways, when I’ll get to the logs I’ll try to dig out some answers too.

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Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro BT Keyboard PC Mac Ps3

I had to install the bluez-compat package to get hidd. FF” I can get it to work instantly! If I forgo the gnome app and install bluez-compat and use “hidd -connect AA: Attaching to bluez for now as I think we quite a bit of information to be going along with.

I had the same symptoms Perhaps you take a moment a key in the words “PS3 Bluetooth keyboard” into the Google search box and discover Sony hasn’t made one–yet. Most of them, I do not have Visit manufacturer site for details.

Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro BT Keyboard PC Mac Ps3 | eBay

Email me about changes to this bug report. I was listening internet radionot tested again, not sure Changed in bluez Lro No I didn’t contact Luke, he seems to do a rebase on the “standard” jaunty kernel for every “ports” kernel release, so It will come for free the next time.


Dan Is there any chance that this bug may be the same? However, keyboards might work at this time.

Armanid27 armani2k3 wrote on The only way I’m able to connect to it is via the following command: In all other regards, this is a pretty corcless cordless keyboard, which also happens to work just fine as a basic, cordless keyboard with Windows PCs and Macs. The mouse and keyboard do not function. Ulisses Furquim ulissesf wrote on Ubuntu PS3 Port Edit.

Rohan rohan25 wrote on So, I tried using the bluetooth wizzard which asked me to enter a PIN. I have both a desktop amd64 and ps3 running I used a Kingston usb stick to copy — you can see it in the clrdless – don’t let it bother you Message It lets me pair the keyboard and that’s it.

On my amd64 desktop the keyboard and trackpad begin to work, but I get nothing on the ps3.

I managed to get it to connect once but since then just lost the desire. As long as it seems like it’ll work for sure. I can verify the linkkey file is filled with the pairing PIN encoded -or hashed- of course.


I’ll compile bluez 4. Do I miss something? Maybe use a LiveCD if you can’t install to the desktop you have access to.

Bug # “Logitech Bluetooth keyboards (Mediaboard & Di Novo)” : Bugs : Ubuntu PS3 Port

Keyboard was sold out: Finally, the mediaboard was set to trusted from the bluetooth panel on 7. Just to reiterate, the logitech ps3 keyboard works fine on my 64bit 9. Has any progress been made on the Logitech MediaBoard Pro and 8.