Try “admin” again for the password. Here is a copy of the post on using the batch file. Forgot about using the installed mapping utility. Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use “green” disks or consider replacing the fan. Anyone this is so frustrating. Not the fastest devices but the ones at the top of the list do all cost more. Message 1 of 22 12, Views.

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Are you sure that this will allow me back to access all the data without loosing them?

Forgot password to NAS 200

As much as I wanted to keep it, I’ve returned it to the store. Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use “green” disks or cista replacing the fan. I’m wishing for a way to copy from an attached USB drive to the device without going through the network connection and my computer. Message 11 of 12 Viewed times.

It appears that they both are defaulting to the “guest” user account. I recommend using SystemRescueCD. Is there a way for my computer to autologon to the network drive. I hope for future internal admin utility some kind of higher performance copy.


I can assure you it is. You may reset your NAS for 5seconds and that should reset it’s password, you may use nas200 default username and password to get to the web interface Try “admin” again for the password. Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use “green” disks or consider replacing the fan. Message 3 of 11 15, Views.

Use my firmware and SCP instead. Do you know for sure that updating the jas200 will solve the problem.

NAS200: 3.55MB/sec transfer speed from Vista?

FYI, the NAS lets you make a backup of your configuration that you can restore if something goes wrong. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. lijksys

Is there any update that I can download of this softeare? Message 7 of 22 12, Views.

When Windows connects to a file server, it will always try to connect with the credentials of the user that’s currently logged in to Windows. I’vejust come across your forum and notice you like like a bunch of helpful guys and gals so thought I’d post my question. NAS doesn’t support hot swapping. In the message below it mentions another user having a similar or the same problem, but no solution was ever posted.


NAS MB/sec transfer speed from Vista? – Linksys Community

I recommend using SystemRescueCD. They will see the web GUI with their browser but they won’t be able to access the files via a file share. So obviously Im connected. I’m using XP Pro and getting the linkzys problem with the slow transfer rate.

Message 5 of 9 4, Views. I believe that the default is “z: Thanks for the suggestions, jpwilger. Have you tried to upgrade the firmware of NAS So, I took the boards advice – I tried something new. I had to logon to NAS using different user ids from each computer. You will not loose any data if you remove the Hard Drive and then reset the unit I’ve got two drives that I need to run as separate drives with separate users and access privileges. Message 6 of 6 4, Views.