How about putting some type of dust or powder on the non-skid ring to make it less sticky??? Named Pipe Transport Driver Version: Below is text from Nero Info tool which does not see the drive as a LightScribe either: Usually there is nothing wrong with the rest of the tray mechanics motor, wheels, etc , only that rubber belt needs replacement. Grab a flashlight and inspect throughly. However, if I remove the top enclosure, it will eject and close no problems.

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This can cause problems when erasing or writing discs. These drives apparently have a very finicky eject mechanism and gearing. I received no disks, just the drive with my OEM purchase.

Because this problem has gradually worsened over time I assumed all along that this was purely a mechanical problem—poor manufacturing or assembly or maybe a design flaw. Yes Return C2 Pointers: Is it possible that after using some software installed on my system, the tray is locked and left that way?

I experimented with this idea. Microsoft Acoustic Echo Canceller Version: So does this mean the motor is borked? Any one got an idea for a quick solution? Now open and close the tray repeating the process until the belt and 20a1o are completely clean.


Lite-on LH-20A1L Firmware BL05

Serial Device Driver Version: Opened my 20A1S and did some cleaning and placed some lubricant on the flywhells and now it opens like a charm. Disk Drive Adapter 9 Description: I still must manually eject the tray every single time. My litey is sticky too.

Windows XP Professional 5. OneTouch Security Driver Version: What I would like to do is perform a test whenever the tray goes into sticky mode.

FT Disk Driver Version: Now there are occasions when at least 5 or 6 presses 20aa1l necessary to eject the tray. Disk Drive Adapter 2 L Can you give me more detail? But cannot come up with a conclusive reason at the moment. I had free time today so I spent an hour trying carefully to clean the tray sliding mechanism. Is there any software that can send a command to the drive to query if the tray is locked or not? Even the slightest contamination will stop them in their tracks.

I just blew out my pc again monthly maintenance and suddenly the top drive started doing the same thing.


Download LiteOn LHA1L Firmware LiteOn LHA1L

However, if I remove the top enclosure, it will eject and close no problems. Did this happen after cleaning out your PC or when there was a lot of dust for some reason? My drive does stick on ejection and 20a1ll release, however if i manually change the angle of the tray, sometimes the gears catch and the drive tray goes back in.

After reassembling the drive everything is the same as prior to the cleaning. I have owned this drive two years now I think and the first year it worked fine. Saturate your swab wet and dripping and apply it to the drive belt and pulleys. I have concluded that the IsoBuster error window is a false alarm, and that the problem is mechanical—somehow related to the manual eject mechanism.

Hid Battery Driver Version: All other functions seem to work fine however.