Consistency is king, especially with filing. I have the same issue, on a 2-year old quad-core Xeon running OS To your computer, a scan is just a digital photo. A database, like Lacerte DMS used, essentially locks up your files. FileCenter lets you change the name of a file as you attach it, lets you zip up multiple files, and even lets you turn the attachment into an uneditable PDF.

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Yes, yes, and yes.

A Lacerte DMS Alternative and Replacement that Doesn’t Force You into the Cloud

Get a menu asking for file name, enter it, hit save. FileCenter will help you search for documents as easily as pdv search the web. Sorry, I can only speak authoritatively regarding Windows systems, Mac users might find some success with this solution if Adobe PDF printer drivers for Macs work similarly.

I am not selecting the “Print to file” check box if that is what you are asking.

Print to PDF – Have to enter file name twice? | Adobe Community

Turn a scanned document into a real document — a document you can modify or update. FileCenter integrates with those programs too Is this in all applications or just some applications. Also, has anyone else noticed that if you save a file using an existing name, that the “Replace” button is now the default button, rather than “Cancel”?


FileCenter, on the other hand, organizes your files in regular Windows folders but gives you a superior organizational interface, driven by clients. A far better solution: I mostly use Access and Brio when I print pxf pdf and it happens in both those programs.

Just select the file and click Convert. Just select a location and click Scan.

Most of the paperless document management software you’ll look at to replace Lacerte DMS will laerte your files in a database. Please type your message and try again. Set up your common file names in advance. Finding that lost document just got easier.

When Intuit announced that they’ve discontinued Lacerte DMS and that their recommended replacement required moving client data to the Cloud, they triggered an angry backlash from firms that aren’t willing to entrust their client files to the Internet. Sometimes you just need to quickly search a drawer or folder. lacerts

So emailing should be easy. Keep your files local, and guarantee your access.

Turn scanned documents into Word files, scanned tables into Excel spreadsheets, etc. Go to original post.

That is starting to shed some light ,acerte this. Download free day trial See how FileCenter works in your office No cost or obligation Ask a question Send us a quick message if you’re not sure about something. Please give an example of an application that does this.


Can you post screen shots of the dialog boxes you see at each step. By now, hopefully you see the pitfall of lwcerte your files to a database. How possible is it that installing Acro9 would make that big a change to the OS?

The other thing that makes me think it’s Acro9 is that I get similar behavior in Word v.

Lacerte DMS Alternative and Replacement | FileCenter

FileCenter’s preview window makes document browsing as easy as thumbing through a folder. This is for any kind of inbound file like network scans, network faxes, files on a digital device, etc.

Consistency is king, especially with filing.

Most documents can be converted to PDF without ever opening them. Scan a whole stack of documents and let FileCenter worry about splitting them up. Download a free trial today.