Eliah Kagan degeneracypressure said on KWin sees significant performance improvements and better detection of graphic driver capabilities You can now associate programs with specific Plasma activities The power management configuration area has been given a new, easier to use interface Improvements in the User Interface, including the creation and management of Activities and improved search functions in Dolphin. Romy Prazhad 1 6. See the options in Grubscreen. It can be done with the following command:

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My apologies for the delay in replying but in the process of trying to run this test I succeeded in completely trashing my new laptop.

No video in 11.10b2 on HP dv7-6165us

Get your subscription here. Things like video etc also work better with Radeon less dropped frames etceven in this version. Chipset Graphics cards and APUs So far I understood Radeon HD 6xxx series is still not supported. To stop KDE disabling the effects each time you log in: I tried the fix for plymouth with the nvidea drivers used in Feedback We want to hear what you think about Kubuntu That’s just to lol yourself out.


When I install fglrx leakage stops. The advantages are clear: Every time I click on anything, whether it’s the K on the bottom left or a program to open, there is a half-second to full second pause before KDE reacts.

System-config-printer-kde has seen updates, adding SMB printer browsing and fixing a number of important bugs. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

No assignee Edit question Last query: I’m connected via HDMI. When will people stop making asinine statements like that? Desktop and video When you install fglrx, you might start getting screen tearing in the desktop.

I’d not run md5sums so here goes. I would like to mess with Unity on my other machine. I use it more often than any other of 4 OSes installed on my laptop. Whether working, browsing the web, playing your music, composing an email or connecting with your friends on social networks, Kubuntu brings you a powerful, innovative and attractive platform for all your desktop needs!

This kubuntj was expired because it remained in the ‘Open’ state without activity for the last 15 days.

installation – Ubuntu version for ATI Radeon video card – Ask Ubuntu

A possible bug with radeon and flash might be this one – link https: Let me see if I understand this correctly. I read that there are compatibility problems since the drivers are not available in the latest releases.


Check the version of Ubuntu you 11.40 installed: It can be done with the following command: I have not decided yet, but some thoughts are in my head to replace Kubuntu On the next screen you see a few requirements for the Kubuntu A good solution might be to do sudo apt-get hwinfo sudo hwinfo –framebuffer to determine your max supported resolution, and then use startup manager to change it to, say x with 24 bits and so on. Furthermore the Radeon driver supports some older chipsets that fglrx does not.

Printer Configuration Bugfixes System-config-printer-kde has seen updates, adding SMB printer browsing and fixing a number of important bugs.

Vortanz 1 1 2. Could not see the login dialogue, just a cursor.