Knowledge Base Tags Tags. So tried my old laptop with an Ethernet cord and it got 90 mbps. The included driver for the Killer Wireless-AC is not known to be problematic, but our other package includes a more recent driver for this device. This article will summarize the difference between the versions available, and hopefully give the user an idea of which installer they should download and use. After installing new modem I am only getting 24 mbps or less. Joined Aug 26, Messages 0. Or you could try the latest drivers from Killer Networks themselves.

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Might cause the machine to wake unexpectedly when enabled. Uninstalling the most recent Windows Updates may also help, especially if the issue was first noticed after a Windows Update. Intel has its own advantage on download speed. This applies to all Windows Server editions, and beyond. If you still experience issues, it is recommended that you contact Linksys Support unless you are having other issues with your Killer adapter, in which case you should reach out to us through the contact form below.

Created account to say it worked great. It is really hit or miss but if you are having stability issues or blue screens pointing to your network card s or network connectivity issues, it wouldn’t hurt to try this.

Frequently Asked Questions Last Updated: Despite claims and plenty of promise, no. Knowledge Base Tags Tags. If you have not changed anything in the BIOS, check with your machine or mainboard manufacturer to make sure that you are using the most up to date version of the BIOS available.


If this is set correctly and your link speed still reads as Mbps, then the issue could be a few things, although it is important to note up kiler that this is almost always an issue with an Ethernet cable.

This supposition was supported by Anandtech ‘s findings, which showed some real, but much less dramatic gains. I feel bad for anyone who needs this guide.

Guide: Turn your Killer E2200 NIC into Qualcomm Atheros AR8161

The chipset jiller is especially important. Also, any Killer Wireless-N network adapter users. If you are unable to install this version, please try installing version 1.

Please login or register. Some users have asked for optimal advanced settings for their Ethernet adapters. Please follow the steps below:.

Note that very long Ethernet cords are available for purchase, with lengths of over feet or 60 meters, are available, so if you are involved in a prolonged debate with a technician over link speeds, this might be the simplest way to provide a temporary, single cable connection from your machine to the modem.

Once your machine finds no updates upon a fresh reboot, your Windows installation should be fully up to date.

With the exception Killer Wireless-AC series, the drivers for all of our devices are community developed and supported.

If you need assistance manually installing the. People have short memories? This was considered a breakthrough at the time [4] as independent reviews verified that gaming and downloading would proceed without interfering with each other.

Killer Wireless | Killer Networking | Killer Ethernet Driver

If you are still using the Killer Network Manager, you’ll want to download the Killer Control Center, and then manually uninstall the Killer Network Manager, as well as the “Killer Drivers” entry in your programs list. I do not think I will install the killer software just to be on the safe side.


This is our previous release, which was well tested and troublefree on Windows builds Nicc Creator’s Update and April Update. Please killdr that the Killer Software Uninstaller removes files and folders from previous installations that will not be removed simply by uninstalling old versions. This can typically be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Killer Control Center after the Windows 10 update.

Killer Network Manager Suite

What do you mean what speed is it connecting to network? Joined Apr 7, Messages 0. If you are using the Killer E, or any of our wireless adapters, and it came preinstalled with the Killer Network Manager, you can update to the new Killer Control Center instead of the Killer Network Manager.

If you do not feel and hear this, then this cable should be considered d2200, and you need to replace it. We have developed a tool to make this very simple. Thanks for your help.