I used it last weekend to mic the podium and thought, “what the heck, I’ll just say ‘check’ a few times to adjust my sound levels,” even though I felt like an idiot standing at the podium doing sound checks. The battery and reliability get critical comments. If you think this grouping is wrong please click here to flag. There was another recent thread singing the praises of the Olympus DS Hi, i’m looking for new, compact audio-recorders, like those from iriver. I had to quickly change channels and try again.

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MP3 players: iRiver T MX (1GB)

Which do a good job or might be interesting? It has a radio, voice recording feature and is an mp3 player. And to top it off, you never know when you have a problem. What are the dimensions of the iriver? Precision Camera Austin, TX. Windows Media Player Positive sound 13 design 8 size 5 performance 4 price 1 Negative usability 4 reliability 3 battery 1.

Its elegant metal casing is ample protection against awkward bumps and the compact format slips easily into virtually any pocket. Kaapstad South Africa Posts: I also have a Belkin Tunetalk Stereo that plugs into an ipod that works with a lapel mic. I’ve used minidisc recorders. May 27th, I”m using a iriver t20mx, not sure if you can still get them but found mine at about 40 euro, it were the last 2 that they had in stock and after that I only could get a new version which was about 50 euro more expensive.


All times are GMT Hi Vito Irived use the Olympus DS40, which has great recording time, size is quite small tt20mx battery life is excellent.

Is it bigger than that? The battery and reliability get critical comments. Supported Digital Audio Standards: May 26th, I’m also using a belt pouch rather than stuffing in a jacket.

IRiver T20 MP3 Player User Manual

Reviewers really like the durability and performance. All I have noted so far is that you appear to have only three options iriger recording sensitivity. Have you tried it with a lapel mic? Product Specifications The new T20 series from iRiver is bound to make a great impression with the tiniest proportions on the outside and high-powered technology on the inside.

IRiver MP3 Player T20 User Guide |

Small and unobtrusive,i was so impressed by the sound that the T20 puts out,unlike others i find i get the songs i like t2mx most,easily onto the mb,transferring is one of the easiest i have come across,5 stars for all the information that comes with And this even recharges the powerful battery to provide you with 14 hours of dynamic sound and perfect entertainment wherever you might be.


I oriver test this, my daughter has a nano. I have a Microtrack II that works very well but is the size of an ipod video but is one inch thick. November 22nd, Thanks for any help!

iRiver T20 / T20MX

The Tunetalk Stereo is about 1. I use it mainly for catching the Bride and grooms voices during their vows and I absolutely love it, it’s amazing how much sound quality I get for that price and for the size of the thing. Continuous audio playback time: What do you iriiver I took a quick look at the manual, and it says it accepts external mics, which is great. Last edited by Irivee Maclachlan; May 26th, at