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But we immediately saw how AppCleaner differs from the other cleaners: Instead of selecting every entry for scanning and requiring users to de-select the items they want to keep, AppCleaner only scans those items you select with checkmarks, which means you need to understand what you’re telling it to scan.

This keeps inexperienced users from deleting stuff they shouldn’t and lets advanced users scan specific targets.

The program’s default selections are minimal, as we learned when our scan finished. Nearly all the entries it returned were browser cache files, which we selected and removed by pressing Clean.

We returned to the Apps, Browsers, Registry, and Windows tabs, selecting those entries we wanted to scan, and clicked the Analyze button again.

AppCleaner quickly returned expanded results. We could right-click any entry to call up a detailed view of the scan results. Some items showed yellow caution signs, indicating errors. Opening the detailed view let us quickly determine which entries could be removed and which required more attention.

AppCleaner is a great choice for inexperienced users since it keeps them from doing harm and helps educate them about their registry and system as they use it.


For advanced users, AppCleaner has the flexibility, power, and no-nonsense layout you’ve been looking for.

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It protects your privacy and optimizes computer performance and security.

This frees up disk space and optimizes overall 3357.

AppCleaner helps with privacy issues and cleans up Internet browser related obsolete data such as browsing histories and cookies. A good zip utility is among the most recommended Windows accessories, even though Windows packs a pretty good one itself.

But so many free third-party zip tools outperform the built-in Windows tool that it’d be a shame not to take advantage of them.

The best we’ve tried integrate themselves into Windows and show up in right-click menus, offer fast and powerful compression and encryption, and handle a wide range of file types.

We recently tried BandiZip, which does most of what the other free zip tools do as well as offering ultra-fast archiving.

Its proprietary compression technology skips those files that don’t compress well and sometimes leave larger files when compressed, like many media files, which dramatically speeds archive creation.

Also, it doesn’t extract files to a Temp folder and then copy them to the destination; it extracts files directly to the destination, although you can designate a temporary folder if you prefer to use that method.

BandiZip’s options let 37 not only integrate the program with right-click menus in Explorer but also choose which elements we wanted to add to menus, enable cascading menus, and other options. We quickly zipped and unzipped a variety of files and folders using several of BandiZip’s methods, including automatic extraction and the Preview Archive feature, which lets users see an archive’s contents before opening it, 375 in the context menu and in the program’s main interface–a plain dialog that is all business.


Next we tried something harder, a mix of documents, media files, and programs.

Once again, BandiZip compressed the contents with blazing speed. We tried compressing only media files, which took a bit longer, but not 35. We could add files to archives for both BandiZip and 7-Zip, compress files to one archive or separate archives, extract files to various destinations or open them in BandiZip, and other choices.

We opened the Settings dialog, which let us configure BandiZip’s compression methods, context menu entries, file associations, and more.

Under the Miscellaneous tab, we could designate a temporary folder directory or change the interface language. The Help file is illustrated with clear screen shots. Our unscientific test methodology returned these results about BandiZip: “Gee, that sure seems fast!” We have no 375 about BandiZip’s performance and no problem recommending it as a default zip tool for Windows.

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