When using generic mode printing, speed and image quality may not be optimal. When you have entered the desired information, click OK. The selections you make are previewed in the disc window. LightScribe CDs come in gold, yellow, orange, green, red, and blue. Currently, LightScribe technology creates a grayscale image, similar to a black-and-white photograph. To use Express Labeler from iTunes, the data or music tracks in the playlist your are using must fit on a single CD.

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With Sonic Express Labeler. If the software you are using to burn disks is not LightScribe, it will still recognize the LightScribe driver on your computer and activate it to create labels. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable.

Generic printing is a labeling mode you can use to create a label when new LightScribe media is being used without updating the LightScribe system software. You can continue to work on your computer while LightScribe is burning the label.

HP DVD Writer – The PC Recommends a LightScribe Software Update | HP® Customer Support

In most cases, the less area you use, the less time it takes to finish burning the label. However, the higher the contrast, the longer the burning time will be.

When you have entered the desired information, click OK. While the disc is labeling, avoid any sudden shock or vibration to the computer. The configuration of software on each notebook model is different.


Remember to re-enable these settings after the update is complete. The LightScribe labeling system has no ink to smear, no paper to curl, and no sticky adhesive to lightsxribe problems.

Can I burn a LightScribe label more than once, adding to the content already burned? How does HP install software and gather data? Click Tracks to display the Edit Tracks window. When you are satisfied with the appearance of your label design, perform one of the following actions to print the label.

If the drive door has the LightScribe name or logo on it, 84b drive is LightScribe-capable.

HP Desktop PCs – Creating Disc Labels with LightScribe

Click and drag the image to the desired area on the label. The software estimates the time required to burn the label and displays the progress. Click the Theme menu and choose one of the provided theme images. To ensure the longest life for both the label and data, keep optical discs out of direct light. The LightScribe labeling system has no ink to smear, no paper to curl, and no sticky adhesive to cause problems.

Using this utility can lightacribe in higher contrast, but with longer label burning times. Keep 480b your computer.

LightScribe software and disc utilities may be found on a number of public websites. I have LightScribe discs media.


Then choose Lightscribe discs. The LightScribe software notifies you that the disc is not recognized and prompts you to flip the disc over. Click Add to add a row to the list, and enter the desired text for a list item Title, Artist, or Length. LightScribe drive providers have conducted significant testing to ensure the CD laser outlasts the amount of data and label burning that most customers will need.

Current LightScribe system specifications stipulate the following print times: Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages.

HP and Compaq PCs – LightScribe Engine Error: Communication Error has Occurred

Change font and alignment settings as desired. What happens if I forget to flip the disc over before burning the label? Currently, LightScribe technology creates a monochrome image, similar to a black-and-white photograph.

Load the label design that you originally used to burn the label, clear the existing text and graphics to avoid duplicate information being burned, and then add the lightscribbe label information and burn again.

HP will gradually transition products to comparable optical disc drives without LightScribe technology.