Inadequate line length particularly on thick material. If too Conditions incompatible with the low, corners become blade type being rounded. Various types of plungers are available which correspond to the diameter and type of the blade used. Install one Basket Tube thru the top two holes of the Tube Brackets front and rear. Make sure the conveyor rollers are straight.

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Troubleshooting chapter 6 test modes and troubleshooting Cutter blades are very sharp.

It also slows the cutting speed. May 14, 2. This ensures the accurate cutting of the computer data. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Make sure the conveyor rollers are straight.

Gory is the pen name I use when advertising or signing my artwork. Because a correctly drawn self test pattern signifies that all of the functions gra;htec the plotter excluding the interface settings have been tested and found normal, this function is useful for determining whether the source of a problem is the plotter itself or in the connection between the plotter and the computer. Be sure you disable the anti-virus on your computer before attempting the download, because the installer has a grqphtec piece of non-malicious code that ‘cracks’ the TRIAL version of SBE and lets you operate without reminder or registrations screens at startup Let’s hear how it works grahptec.


May 14, 5. At the joints of each line segment, the plotter stops cutting and very quickly rotates the blade tip.

Cutting Plotters : Software & Drivers

Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden. Show Ignored Content Loading Important information to complete a task correctly. Dull corner shapes on thick material. To discontinue printing, even 4100-57 a pattern is not completely printed, simply turn off the plotter.

When the media is loaded in the plotter, the media should be loaded at exactly the same angle and position as it was on the printer which printed the images to ensure that the position of the contour matches the printed images. Other media may be stiffer and will not flow into the basket smoothly. Sign up for a new account in our community. When moving the media to the left or right be sure to move the pinch rollers as required to hold down the media within the appropriate range.

Looking for some help here, I have a “hand me down” plotter I’d like to hook up and it seems that Graphtec no longer has the driver for this particular plotter.

Point the tip of holder A downward. Graphtec told me to try installing a different driver but there isn’t a version for Windows So all you should need to do is set your comm port up correctly and then the software should be able to talk to it.



Don’t have an account? You must choose between 32 bit and 64 bit.

I even did contour cutting. Can anyone help with this or point me to a link? Inadequate line length particularly on thick material.

driving a Graphtec FC4100-75

Will grsphtec injury to the Operator. Do you actually need a driver? Check the cutter blade you are going to use and its appropriate cutter offset value against the table below.

Search Forums Recent Posts. Thank you MZ Skeeter, I will definitely give that a shot, let’s see if that driver is compatible with Windows I have used this software to run my Graphtec and it performed flawlessly and was easy to set up.

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