The mobile usage is guaranteed by a short charging time and long runtime. The nimble, nearly maintenance free, printer with its small size of 77x77x39mm is an integral part of the Prima Analyzer of AlereTM corporation www. You may also be interested in. X x Y ,2 x Z 47,5 mm Weight with paperroll: The design of the housing mechanics allows the use of the same controller boards that are used in the established GPT Therefore test results are available in writing and in seconds, so further diagnostic or therapeutic decisions can be made quickly. It is mainly used in application such as mobile outdoor receipt or protocol printing in accounting systems, measuring technologies and logistics.

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We are happy to assist you. We offer the Chipset solution, so the integration of print functionality is economical for larger projects.

Protocol printer as frontpanel printer: Thermal printer series GeBE-MULDE Maxi

You may also be interested in. This should be torn off of the printer by tearing the paper against the serrated teeth to the front of the paper, as shown in this image:.

Immidiately after, the printer will be ready to print. The ‘easy to handle’ printer prints on 58 mm paper width.


Mini Protocol printer for frontpanel mounting: Use the QR code on the print version of a press release to get redirected to the corresponding page on PresseBox. Customers who do not deploy GeBE printers also benefit.

Thermal Printer Control With The GeBE-Chipset

This is the ideal alternative to a rigid thermal printer solution. Hardware Nur autorisierter Zugriff erlaubt! Globally on the road of medical markets. Standard DIN A4 pages are zoomed to mm paper width.

GeBE-FLASH – Megatron

The space saving printer is easily integrated in existing systems. Download press release as. Therefore test results are available in writing and in seconds, so further diagnostic or therapeutic decisions can be made quickly.

Larger Paper Roll for Stationary Applications with Reduced Service Effort For stationary operation of printers, the weight usually plays a secondary roll, while the required space and a reduction of the service effort represent significant factors.

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Fronttafel Thermodrucker I GeBE bietet kundenspezifische Druckeranpassung

The printer roll is marked with purple ink near its end. Scanning of a QR code: GeBE will exhibit in Nuremberg, Germany, at the embedded worldhall priter, booth MoreGrasp – Gripping despite paraplegia?

The small GeBE printer is connected via USB in this application, and a robust housing, featuring a customer specific design, protects the printer from mechanical impact and dust. Please send the following information to my gege address: Easy Paper Load Printer Type: An elegant design, easy installation of the printer from the outside, small dimensions, and the Easyloading technology for easy paper roll exchange also make this small printer stand out.


Therefore, an service exchange can be performed quickly and easily. Thanks to Easy Loading Technology, changing of paper is a matter of seconds.

Simply pull the cover open this can be a bit stickyremove the old roll, and insert a new one, as shown in the image below note the way the paper unrolls:. Everything you need is an internet-enabled mobile phone or smartphone with a built-in camera and a QR code printet software. You might also be interested in Mini Protocol printer for frontpanel mounting: To aid the compact device GeBE uses a handy paper roll. Please send the following information to my email address: C32 Interfaces Driver available: Find your way to a press release without typing.

Additional accessories allow further customization.