Click to find out more. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The 8RDA3G in all its glory. Its dual-channel nature makes it the fastest Socket A solution that’s currently available. Ships with the following:

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The same can be said for the 12v wire. Heck, a bland looking board that’s fast is far better than a slow pretty one right?

Review: EPoX 8RDA3G nForce2 Ultra – Mainboard – – Page 3

So far, this is the only nForce2 mainboard we have tested to feature twin VGA connectors where you’d typically find the serial ports. Ships with the following: Just ask Agent Smith that. EPoX gives the novice a helping hand by colouring two slots, presumably to highlight dual-channel running. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. If you think you’re have a hardware problem, just look at the Port80 card and it’ll tell you whether something is broken with a quick reference to the manual.

What was the best tech product of ?

EPoX EP-8RDA3I Pro – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra 400R

Since serial ports are not used as frequently with brandname consumer gear which has long since adopted USB, the serial ports have been nforcr2 to headers along the bottom edge by the last PCI slot. C position, to the right of the excellent debug display, would be where one would expect to see a Highpoint controller of some description. We’ll have to investigate if this helps push the board even further than previous model’s performance.


Just a note on placement now.

Epox adds new nForce2 motherboard

This should allow one to fully exploit the voltages on offer. Click to find out more. The location of the pin main and 4-pin 12v connector is poor, subjectively speaking. Incidently, from what we have seen thus far in nForce2 boards, it doesn’t seem like IDE RAID is being supported on very many models at all which is a shame.

nForce2 6-way Motherboard Roundup – December 2002

Too many boards eplx report different temperatures for CPUs outputting similar wattage, even if the cooling is kept consistent. Ships with the following: When it comes to AMD motherboards, I usually hold Epox in a higher regard then most other manufacturers.

In the last year I’ve probably purchased at least seven Epox AMD epoox for various machines, for both friends and family, and not one has ever let me down yet. That’s just a little annoying. An 8X AGP slot is also available for full-fledged videocars. This orientation is supposed to help provide the motherboard with cleaner power signals and reduce other interferences.

Architecturally speaking, the AMD Athlon cannot really make full use of the bandwidth nfofce2 by the nForce2 Ultrabut more is always better.

However, this one’s a little different to others in a number of respects. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.


The prevalence of dual-channel kits is testament to the rise and rise of matched memory. Another Awesome Board from Epox!

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. If you can’t fit everything you want into this motherboard, you won’t be able to with any other board on the market.

While the nForce2 nfoorce2 is cooled with a rather large passive heatsink, it would have been more useful if thermal paste had been used instead of the rather thick pink thermal pad. I find from a consumer point of view, Epox usually deliver a good mixture of value and performance, and I also like how openly the company embraces the enthusiast community.

I sometimes wonder if Epox are trying for the “retro look” with their motherboards. This is good for peace of mind, and a little cross ventilation from a case fan helps to keep things under thermal control. Epox haven’t adopted any flashy colours for their PCB, preferring to keep it simple and nofrce2 with green.