The Company may, at any time at its sole discretion, discontinue the Download Service, or may change any of the contents or terms of the Download Service, without any notice to Users. No metter for you, I’m sure. Even if you buy a phone with the best screen in the world you will forget this fact in two days. The World Health Organization has stated that present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for the use of mobile devices. Animated wallpapers in the shape of differently sized and semi-transparent squares flying up to the horizon, icons of photo and video cameras, gallery and games racing away when pressed create unique 3D background. The 3D effect is immaculate.

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A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be found at the following Internet address: Switching to 3D shooting requires pressing a dedicated button on the screen, which activates the second lens. Bear in mind that Docomo SHC comes equipped with the 1. Other settings are standard without much difference from the rest of models in the class.

Another drawback of the 3D mode is the necessity to have a 90 degrees viewing angle. The Japanese manufacturers massively adopt this technology.

Docomo SHC reviewed! –

When i tried to change the “clock format style” i can’t seem to change it no matter what. Unlike regular Japanese Flip phones that feature proprietary jacks this one uses a regular 3. Having used this screen in daily life the owner of the phone may get disillusioned when vocomo between 2D and 3D. Just define your Local Time as Tokyo Japan. Advantages are balanced by disadvantages.


Settings, browser and standard games cannot be given a stereo tinge. The handset has all standard communication capabilities without any limitations.

To avoid the problem I advise making sure that you do not break docomp minimum distance limit between the phone and the objects. Android market comes preinstalled and all apps work well.

While browsing screens you cannot feel the smoothness of iPhone, but it does not irritate. The phone runs Android 2.

User’s Manual for SH-10C

The screen is capacitive and it supports multitouch. I was surprised to find out that the screen can only display colors — today only outer screens on some flip phones still offer that few. Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. If the light sensor is on the screen remains legible under sunlight but I’d recommend adjusting the brightness manually for best results. I am always ready to put up with the Japanese perversions, antics, their views on the rest “retarded” world and their unconventional thinking in general that produces true Made in Japan stuff that bewilders and provides childish amusement.


I think screenshots will tell you more about the visualization. The buttons work fine, however, I think the white backlight is rather dim and some people won’t find it sufficiently bright. Pictures from the left and right lenses do not make a single image, but move sideways.

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The system can be rooted and another language can be added. On the other hand, it does not distract you from the screen.

I must add that screen comparisons are irrelevant for consumers — you will only prefer one over another when you them up against each other. Have no clue on this.

Declaration of conformity of SHC | Products | NTT DOCOMO

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. In the apps list you can find many specialized programs, which are tailored for Japanese services and offer no use to other countries. My attention was snatched by the “glassless” 3D. As far as eye fatigue and nausea the Japanese complain a lot — I did not feel any discomfort sh1-0c all.

At the top side you’ll find the micro HDMI slot protected with a lid hs-10c the audio jack.