Are your switches zoned so that only one hba on your server can see only 1 storage port OR tape port? If this value is set, ScsiPortNotification requires one additional parameter: At least they don’t give a BSOD coming out of sleep like some previous versions. I had an article on it somewhere, but don’t have access to it at the moment. It is possible for hardware vendors to write their own class, filter, or even new port drivers, to bypass SCSIport. Thanks for the reply. Storport allows more direct and efficient communications There is a load of technical details at:

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Indicates that the HBA is ready for another request for the specified logical unit.

The Storport-miniport driver interface is designed to be as similar to the SCSI Port-miniport driver interface as possible, in order to facilitate the adaptation of SCSI Port miniport drivers to work with the Storport driver.

Easy to suggest when don’t know about the problem! I tested the drivers, installing them via device manager, and used Atto for a benchmark.

Notes on Windows SCSI Miniport Driver – Black God

Your email address will not be published. Miniport driver writers can make no assumptions about the values returned by ScsiPortInitialize. Hello, we recently had a situation where in a W2k3 server as a DP 5. I will be coming here again in a while to xifference more info and to find out more news.


Leave a Reply Storpirt reply Your email address will not be published. Need your help I am very new to windows device driver. Sign up using Email and Password.

The code does not compile. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action! This notification should betwsen sent by the miniport driver as soon as the driver is ready for another request.

The Storport header file, storport. Thanks for the reply. DriverEntry is a required name.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise International. All SCSI miniport drivers must have some of the routines described in this section.

Notes on Windows SCSI Miniport Driver

WIll continue to look. It gives error like: The DriverEntry routine must return the lowest value when it returns control to the system. I have been using miniport driver 1. The miniport driver must not access the Srband it must not pass the Srb to another routine such as ScsiPortLogError.

You can try DbgPrintEx also. Join Date May Posts 5. After this notification, the miniport driver is still responsible for completing any active requests. Post as a guest Name. In this case, each server needing access to both storage and tape would have 2 distinct zones per fabric, “single initiator zoning” as some call it Or are you a bit mixed? For a Plug and Play miniport driver, the port driver calls HwScsiFindAdapter when the Plug and Play manager has detected an adapter for that miniport driver.


This is not allowing me copy paste the code. If this value is set, ScsiPortNotification requires two additional parameters: Please report all spam threads, posts and suspicious members.

There’s an indepth document from Microsoft found here: I got same error.

HwScsiResetBus can be called even if the miniport driver is not ready for another request.