Have you tried to format the drive? Open “disk utility” click “partition” find and select the new disk to partition. What HDD Format can be used? But, because the unit serves as a print server as well an A-type connector is present. No longer do you have to leave a PC running to print from another. Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners. When executing the OS Backup, why is there no tableau for the backup execution but only the message shown below?

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External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows or OS X?

So try out several cables before you give up. Release the reset button and plug back the RJ45 cable.

In addition to Portable Devices, you can expand out Disk Drives and try to uninstall cooolmax device from there if it is not showing up properly in Windows Explorer. We will continue to push the transfer limits of the Windoww through firmware updates top Question: If you’d like to participate, join us. If you are having problems with Vista logon to NAS devices, this will work: The front is plain and only consists of the Coolmax logo and a power button.

Yes, the CN can serve as one of these also. Before you go that route, however, check and see if the drive shows up in the Disk Management control panel. How many shares can I add to the CN?

The CN really packs a lot of function into a single box solution. Since the system can not communicate with two drives with the same serial number through the same bus you can not use both drives attached to firewire at the same time. Also, please check under disk management; you may need to assign a drive letter manually. Click on the “start menu” choose coolmax panel” in “settings” choose “system” open “disk drives” in the “device manager” folder.


External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows or OS X?

The only way you can really tell if the problem is with the computer or the hard drive at this point is to connect the drive to another computer.

The rear of the enclosure has a lot of connections that can be utilized in an office coplmax well as a home.

I would try to isolate whether the problem is with the drive or with the enclosure. Pick a letter for your drive and you should be good to go. Ok, well i don’t know how to format the drive, I ocolmax a laptop and cannot install it internally, but the enclosure does work, and to answer the question of what happens when i try to access the drive, well there is no way for me to access the drive, XP shows that it is installed on the task bar but it’s almost as if the drive doesn’t exist: Hold it down for 30 sec.

Another way wlndows to create a files that is protected or read only in the shared folder.

Can you install the drive internally in your computer to see if it works that way? Next window “specify partition size” will let you specify partition size, winodws as is and click next. If the drive is showing here, but not on the OS X desktop, then click First Aid to try and repair the drive. Or try another drive in the enclosure? Also, try using different cables as some are able to carry more wnidows than others.


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Wait for sec. Conclusion A NAS drive is a great thing to have around the home as well as an office. Please refer to the format descriptions in appendix A to format your hard disk.

The CN will also not accept a standard parallel printer that is using a usb conversion adapter. The operation completed successfully. How the drive is formatted and what file system is being used is the most common reason why drive is not recognized.

Normally, Windows does this automatically, but sometimes because of other connected devices, your external hard drive will be recognized, but not have any drive letter assigned to it.

If you spend half your wages at the iTunes store and don’t want to house all your files on your local drive, Coolmax made it possible to store them on the CN and make it just as easy to retrieve them.

The CN comes equipped with the necessary power adapter, USB cable, ethernet cable and operating manual. Please turn on JavaScript.