Make large files more portable by shrinking them with our “Compact PDF” feature. By using TSI Transmitting Subscriber Identification , faxes can be identified and sorted by whom, or what organisation, sent them. Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting. Vista Compatibility bizhub offers industry-leading Vista compatibility. This machine can connect to the following telephone lines. IPv6 solves a number of problems associated with the past standard IPv4, including the limited number of available IPv4 addresses.

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With this TSI information, you can then set up a folder within the Box, which will automatically receive and store all of that party’s faxes. IPv6 solves a number of problems associated cax the past standard IPv4, including the limited number of available IPv4 addresses.

Also, the actual sending time varies depending on the content of the original, the model of the receiving machine, and the condition of the telephone line. The solutions of i Find bizhub products and solutions for your office. Please select another Change Location. Using this function helps to prevent wrong transmission or not forget sending of a fax.

Send documents to the FTP server, and then store them in a directory that is easily accessible by all the PCs on the network.

With multi-file preview you can search through thumbnails to bizhun any file easily.


Related Products bizhub C Faxing is possible without specifying a sender ID communication password. Linked by DPWS, Windows Vista and bizhub create a powerful combination that supports a wide range of document handling needs.

Enabling/Disabling the Fax Functions

With IPv6, all devices on the Internet have their own IP addresses, enabling direct communication between devices. Register up to 2, individual and group addresses and fax numbers as well as their respective scan and telecommunication methods, for quick access and easy sending.

This is helpful to prevent a fax from being sent to an incorrect destination.

Check that you’re faxing the correct destination by having the destination name and fax number appear on the control panel before faxing. Perfect for colour documents with large file sizes, these compressed PDFs have outstanding image quality, and are much easier to send and receive.

Main Features – bizhub C/C/C/CDS | KONICA MINOLTA

By connecting two telephone lines, data can be sent to two destinations at the same time. You can create a cover sheet directly from the driver screen on your PC and attach it to the document. Scan to Box HDD. Select whether to use this machine as a fax relaying station. Security Security solutions from Konica Minolta. This function lets you send scanned data directly to a shared folder on a PC.

About Us Innovation History. Are you in Europe? This is because the multiplex device limits the frequency band of the line to the utmost limit based on the assumption that the line is intended for cax communication. Select whether to use F-Code TX. Send data directly from your PC to an outside fax machine. This includes only the time required for sending the image data; time required for communications control is not included.


This greatly speeds things up when sending a large number of originals, and cuts down on faxing costs. No additional costs are associated with this feature because it uses existing network systems. This machine has various features for fax operations, including those enabling the user to change scan settings according to the original and to save incoming faxes in a User Box.

Home Fax Fax Functions. By using TSI Transmitting Subscriber Identificationfaxes can be identified and sorted by whom, or what organisation, sent them. Are you in United States? Subscribed telephone lines including facsimile communication networks Nizhub Private Branch Exchange, 2-wire Fax data cannot be sent or received in color.

Select whether to require the user to enter a fax number twice to send a fax by directly entering the fax number. If this machine is used as a relaying station, it is possible to receive a fax from a remote machine and automatically relay it to multiple nizhub destinations.