So what did I learn here? I suspect it’s because I had wlan disabled when i threw windows out and installed ubuntu. Have you or has anyone been able to achieve and maintain a connection to the Internet with Broadcom and WPA? That is not true. Can this have anything to do with the card not working?

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Then it says “eh1 activated.

Since then, I went out and bought a brand new laptop Acer WLMi – it was time, I needed more space, and I looked forward to seeing how Linux would work on it. No such device Failed to bring up wlan. Dell LatitudeNetwork: Instant wireless, no need to sudo modprobe ndiswrapper on reboot. I manage to install the drivers bcmwl5.

And my wifi now is working! More often than not, notebook graphics are NOT upgradable. Oh and I’m sry, did’t see this was under hedgehog.

Asus Z92U Manuals

Inf Update intel Way too many people crammed in here to open my bandwidth. See comments on MNe below. I had asys it and Lord knows I didn’t remember doing that. To make it short: IO port probe 0xx3af: Sounds like your card doesn’t like the bcmwl5 driver.


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But i can’t add essid as before. Honestly I’ve found that the compiled version seems more stable for me.

If you have trouble, try booting into Windows – if you dual boot – and checking that the card is enabled. Usb Hub optional For more information, see interfaces 5. After all inits, caps: I have tried the Red HowTo with no success.

Computer doesn’t power off automatically when shut down, except Breezy. After my original post in this thread about 5 months ago, I glad that the nerds kept at it and finally got this working Anyways, I have ndiswrapper-utils and ndisgtk installed.

Spare parts for Z92U

I actually tried the drivers that came with my laptop presario vand the included inf file did not work with breezy.

Anyway thanks for all your help everyone. RealTek RTL at 0xe0a, IRDA and modem not tested. To get this working, you’ll need the latest resolution from the webpage aboveas well as X from breezy. I went back to windows! OK after reboot i checked the network app and it was there!!!! Fcc Rf Exposure Guidelines wireless Z9200uu After wasting hours trying to find an “easy” way to build a package from newer source, I gave up and downloaded the ndiswrapper source tgz from sourceforge, installed the kernel-headers and gcc I prefer the native driver ones, but you need to be using Dapper for them.