Text Select this item when transmitting a document that contains only text. Exiting The Power Saver Mode 2 Product Overview Using [ ] and [ ], configure a power saver mode migration time from 1 to minutes, in 1 minute increments. Operations During Faxing Operations during Faxing Operations during Faxing The following describes the available operations during faxing. Refer to “[Date] Screen” P. Solve the problem in accordance with the message. Machine Installation Once you notice any unusual condition, switch off and unplug this product first and contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. Head to Head Select this when both sides of the 2-sided document are in the same orientation.

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Exiting The Power Saver Mode 2 Product Overview Using [ ] and [ ], configure a apeisport saver mode migration time from 1 to minutes, in 1 minute increments.

Target Select a target for the job flow sheet. Open throw away the scraps. Enter a directory name. Return them to your local Fuji Xerox representative. To set a user-defined subject Select [Subject].

Exit cover Open this cover to access the insides of the machine to clear paper jams. Legal Notice Legal Notice Copying or printing certain documents may be illegal in your country. Select All Selects all the documents in the mailbox. To use a job flow sheet whose target is scanned documents from a network computer with CentreWare EasyOperator, select the job flow sheet from this list.


Allows you to access web applications from the machine, and displays the web application screen on the machine Allows you to store the scanned document directly in a web application folder Allows you to print a file that is stored on a server directly Note Page 63 General Settings Trays Select trays.

Print Driver In order to print from your computer, a print driver must be installed on the computer. Solve the problem in accordance with the message.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II | Copier Resource Centre

Control Panel Select [Sample Print]. Job Template Allows you to create, edit, and delete job templates. Send From Mailbox 5 Send from Mailbox This chapter describes the basic mailbox operation and mailbox features. 70000 this hidden text feature, the specified text is embedded in the entire sheet.

To use the [Scan to Mailbox] feature, select [Scan to Mailbox]. Page 4 Scan Select any item. Two types of trays are available: Select the [Job Assembly] tab. Step 2 Selecting Features 4 Scan Place the document apesport down, and align apeosprot against the top left corner of the document glass.

Image quality improves, but file size increases. Head to Toe Select this item when the first and second sides of the document are of the opposite orientation. Specify the scan size to scan non-standard size documents or to scan with the different size from the original document size.


You can also configure the compression ratio with [Image Compression] in the [Output Format] screen. Entering Text Entering Text During operations, a screen for entering text sometimes appears.

Read Receipts This feature allows you to receive 7000 receipts from e-mail recipients when using the [E-mail] feature. Page Glossary Term Description Error Code A code is displayed on the control panel or a report when a problem occurs. CentreWare Internet Services allows you to import documents from a machine’s mailbox to a computer through no application software. Tri-Fold output tray 7000 Press this button to open tri-Fold output tray.


Copies apeozport collated when any of the following features is used: This button is displayed only when there are any settings that can be cancelled for the job. Local Search Searches recipients in the local address list. You can select from 8 shift directions. On the [Document List] screen, select documents.